a multimedia playlist — images, words, sounds, and code 🌃📝🎹💻 (pt. 2)

this is the second half of this project. view pt. 1 here.

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Oh, day by day,
Year by year,
A childhood waiting to grow up


Life goes on like this
Maybe it's not what we expect

더 같이 있자 아직 이르잖아
We’re like 보라빛 밤 날 하늘 위로
터트려 볼래 이 밤 밤 밤 밤 밤

Let's stay together longer
It's still too early

We're like purple night
I wanna explode
above the sky
Tonight, night, night, night, night

In the white lies, I'm fading

'Til my mouth dries, I'm praying I can

hold my liquor like the saints do

I'm counting, I'm counting on you

autumn-sun autumn-moon autumn-7 autumn-6 autumn-5 autumn-4 autumn-3 autumn-2 autumn-1

You are who you are
All of the pain and pleasure is you

You know what to do
now that you've found it
Live in your alterlife

"If a school is devised purely as an escape route to a different world, [Woodson] believed, then it will teach students only the information required to exist in that other world. The students will emerge knowing nothing about their environment except why and how to leave it..."

(Matt Thompson, "A Year of Miseducation")

아주 잠시만 귀 기울여 봐
유난히 긴 밤을 걷는 널 위해 부를게

Listen carefully
just for a second

I will sing for you
as you walk through a long night